Welcome to Women Starting Over After 50! 

We are a nonprofit organization that provides support, topical education and social opportunities for women fifty and over. You can also find us on Meet Up 

Some of us are single, some of us are married, some of us are empty nesters and some of us have never had children. Some of us have a working history, and some of us have never taken that path. But, whatever road we have chosen in life we all have one thing in common... We are wonderful women 50 and beyond and starting our journey for the 2nd half of our lives. We gather to help each other start that journey with passion and gusto to be the happy, fulfilled women we were meant to be.

“NO one changes by what they KNOW... they change by what they FEEL”.
~ Oprah

 "I am really happy to have found this group. I feel I am just now starting to find my true voice, and it can only happen through my gathering my strength from other women who have a wealth of life experiences that are different but still the same as mine, because we are women over 50."R.D.







Upcoming events

Future WSO50 Club House

Below, a rendering of the future WSO50 Club House. This is what we're aiming for! Many thanks to Suzin Purney Osborne of Purney Design for her wonderful work designing of this rendering. Read more about our goals and Club House plans.

Women Starting Over After 50 is a nonprofit corporation of the State of North Carolina.
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